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YG Entertainment Icontest
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yg entertainment icontest.
Welcome to ygent_icontest, an icontest for all members of YG Entertainment (or YG Family). If you don't know who is included in the YG Family, here are some of the people you will see in this icontest:

2NE1 • Big Bang • Gummy • Se7en • 1TYM
Jinusean • Psy • Masta Wu • Yang Goon (YG)
E.Knock (Kush) • Perry • Teddy • Hwangssabu
Kang Seung Yoon (Trainee from Superstar K2)
Kim Eun Bi (Trainee from Superstar K2)
Park Han Byul (Actress, Model, former YG Actress)
The Kwon Twins, Young Don & Young Deuk
Kang Hye Jung • Yoo In Na • Jung Hye Young
Goo Hye Sun

At the bottom of this profile is a list of helpful sites to find pictures of the people listed above. If you are unfamiliar with some of the names, definitely learn a little bit about them! Occasionally, this icontest will feature former YG Entertainment members, and when that happens, the list of people you may use in your icons will be listed on the challenge post (people like Lexy, Wheesung, 45RPM, MooGaDang, etc).

Welcome and good luck!

01) You may submit up to 3 icons per challenge/week

02) Icons must be YOURS and recently made; don't recycle icons and stealing is bad. Also, please do not submit icons that you also submitted to another icontest. It's like cheating on your girlfriend, eventually they'll find out and claw your eyes out.

03) You must be a member to participate.

04) Voters must be members of the community. Voting posts will be f-locked.

05) Icons may not be posted anywhere else until voting has been completed and winners are announced.

06) All icons must fit LJ standards: 40kb or less, 100x100 pixels, .gif .jpg .png only please.

07) Please host all icons on anonymous hosting sites (tinypic, imageshack). Do NOT use Photobucket!

08) No moderator is allowed to enter a challenge they are hosting.

When submitting, please use this format:

URL: http://i55.tinypic.com/296hms7.jpg
Artist(s): Se7en

New challenges will be posted on Mondays. Submissions close on Friday night, midnight, EST. Voting will be posted as soon as submissions close, and will end on Sunday at midnight EST. Winners and a new challenge will be announced on the following Monday.

When voting, please use the following format:
01: First Place
02: Second Place
03: Third Place

The winning categories are: first place, second place, third place, and mod's choice.


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helpful links.
Don't know where to find pictures for a challenge? Check out these helpful links to see if something strikes your fancy.

fuckyeahygfamily@tumblr - best resource in my opinion, includes small summary of YG Family members
soompi: singers || actors

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